About Mazzoni USA

Mazzoni is a world leader in the production of high pressure pumps, electric motors, diesel and gas heaters and other components for industrial and professional cleaning.

Our goal at Mazzoni is to fully meet the needs of our customers. To do so, we invest heavily in technological research and use only the highest quality materials to ensure our products are best in class for professionalism and efficiency.

Forefront on our minds at Mazzoni is respect for the environment. Our entire production — from the materials used in our factory in Cavriago, Italy to the low noise emissions in our manufacturing process — are in compliance with European directives to protect the environment.

High quality products, exceptional customer service, and minimal environmental impact are the pillars of Mazzoni. We are at your service.

 Italian technology since 1969

 When we first opened shop in 1969, Mazzoni was managed by a single family as a craft workshop that covered an area of ​​about 800 square feet.

Thanks to the deep commitment of the founding members and the collaboration of many highly skilled personnel over the years Mazzoni has grown into a world leader in high pressure pump manufacturing.

Today our Mazzoni manufacturing plant in Cavriago, Reggio Emilia, Italy occupies an area of 65,000 square feet where we produce innovative industrial power washers customized to the specific professional cleaning needs of our customers. We manufacture all the components used in our machines from the electric motor to the boiler to the valves and the high pressure pumps.