Well-balanced high performance heaters

Mazzoni’s heaters are built for maximum heat and minimum emission.

Mazzoni heaters are synonymous with safety. Their performance is  guaranteed by high quality materials and sizing designed for maximum heat output with an eye to energy conservation and new environmental regulations. Our heaters produce minimum levels of nitrogen oxide emission without sacrificing performance.

In our range of diesel heaters you can find different models starting from 3.9 gpm and 3625 PSI to 10.56 gpm and 7251 PSI with or without electric panelling. You will always find all the necessary safety systems including flow and pressure switches, hour counters, flame control, low fuel level indicators, built-in thermostat (digital thermostats available), safety valves etc.

We also produce gas heaters — Methane or LPG — 3.9; 5,5 and 7,9 gpm at 3625 PSI. These models are supplied with all of the standard safety devices.