Motors for high pressure washers

Mazzoni’s motors are designed to take into account all the stresses that occur during the operation of the machine.

Mazzoni’s engines are in the IE2 and IE3 efficiency range, all double flanged and include a flexible coupling designed for 24 mm male shaft pumps. Their efficiency and power are generally higher than the competition and the insulation of each motor is taken very seriously. To achieve this level of quality many manufacturing tasks are carried out in a traditional way and not in an industrial way.

What makes Mazzoni motors best in class?

A careful assessment of historic mechanical problems has led to the design of a low-bulk elastic joint in our motors. We place this in the coupling between the crankshafts and pump and it greatly reduces the inevitable vibrations, eliminates axial thrusts, and absorbs dynamic forces due to misalignment in the shafts. The elastic coupling integrated in the unified flange has allowed the supply of a complete component and eliminated assembly of an external joint or direct couplings between engine and pump. The elastic coupling also fulfills the problem of galvanic currents which naturally are triggered in the humid microcircuits between two coupled shafts.

The sealed bearings are largely sized and lubricated with Lithium-based grease which allows for high performance use from -13 to 302 °F

Built for safety

Operational safety comes down to a carefully designed product that does not create physical damage to people or things. Mazzoni performs electrical and mechanical tests at the end of each assembly and for the analysis of each prototype. Our compliance with regulations and product risk analysis guarantee functional safety. Our design, based on years of experience and manufacturing competence, allows us to ensure each of our motors for two years provided the thermal connection is properly installed to the electrical circuit.